About Us

The Real Love Real Marriage Conference is a conference developed and offered through Eagle Family Ministries.

Eagle Family Ministries is a Christian non-profit, non-denominational ministry.

We are committed to helping strengthen marriages and families with principles based on God's Word. Eagle Family Ministries was established in 1996 to build stronger marriages and families and to be a resource and support to the local church. We are addressing the need to provide married couples with Biblical principles that will build healthy relationships and point marriages to a lifetime of love.

Our mission and purpose is to conduct retreats and conferences that provide married couples with Biblical, practical, and specific tools that are useful on a daily basis in strengthening marriage relationships. We mainly accomplish this mission by conducting conferences with local churches nationwide. However, we also host retreats in areas such as Branson, Missouri, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and other locations across the country. The conferences and retreats we host are held at a bed and breakfast, resort, or hotel and are designed toward an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The majority of our conferenes are with local churches all across the United States. Most churches have the conferences at their church facilities to keep cost to a minimum for couples or families. However, many churches also have conferences at locations away from the church. These locations include hotels, conference centers, and church camps. Our conferences at local churches have no limitations on size except the size of the facilities.

For more information about Eagle Family Ministries visit eaglefamily.org